Monday 8 April 2013

Blackberry's Q10 to usher in BB 10.1: Here's what's new.

   Blackberry may well have rolled out an update to their Z10 devices already, but with the launch of the Q10 just around the corner it seems like the guys have got another update in the works with a few features designed more specifically for the qwerty device.

   One of the coolest new features is the brand new 'Type N Go', pictured right. Essentially this gives you the option to use a number of quick access commands which makes accessing certain things right from the Blackberry search bar a fair bit easier. As for an example if you were to type "email" and then a
the name of one of your friends or 'work colleagues' then that would send you straight to the email client and your contact will automatically be your recipient. This feature will work with BBM, video calling, SMS, phone calling, and a few other things too.

   There's also new shortcuts which work direct from the keyboard. Some of the best include using "i" and "o" to zoom in and out, there's the surprisingly simple use of "r" or "f" to reply to or forward an email, which we particularly liked and "s" will bring up the search features too. Blackberry will also change the prediction in the typing app to fit better with the hardware keyboard.

   The change list is going to be rounded out with improvements to Blackberry Balance and Corporate Liable for added security and well 'balance'. The final change will supposedly be the use of darker themes in the apps which we presume will help make the most of those inky blacks from its amoled screen.

   You can find much more in depth information on the update here!
Via PhoneArena.


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