Friday 26 April 2013

Is there some sort of Google and Samsung OLED team-up in the wings?

    Samsung and Google have a habit of getting together to make great products. That Nexus 10 pictured above is the best example of their recent collaborations, but the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, weren't too shabby either and the two companies are close in relation to a lot of big businesses out there. The pair rely on each other for the success of their mobile devices and their smartphone OS respectively, but that doesn't necessarily mean that their cooperation should end there. 

   In an interesting report from the Korean Times it seems as though Samsung are giving their best to try to get Google to partner in their OLED business! According to the report a recent meeting between Samsung Electronic's Vice Chairman, Lee Jay-yong, and Google's Larry Page resulted in the latter 'showing much interest' in the former's OLED operations and there's the suggestion that the two companies could team up. 

   Page supposedly met with Samsung execs and shared a spot of lunch after taking a tour of one of Samsung's OLED factories, supposedly Page was interested in some sort of deal in the future. Which led to Samsung saying that, ''We don't rule out the possibility to enter a new business partnership with Google in OLEDs. But more time will be needed for further details.'

   There could be any number of reasons for Google being interested in OLED displays, AndroidBeat suggested that this could be Samsung asking for a gesture of goodwill and as a way to keep them interested in Android, as they acknowledged though this could be for any number of reasons and then again we could be completely wrong! What do you think this is all about? Have you got any theories? Let us know in the comments below!
Via AndroidBeat.


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