Friday 12 April 2013

Nvidia tells investors Tegra business won't grow as they demo Battlefield on a Tegra 5!

   Nvidia are an interesting company; they're probably most famous for their computer GPUs, but they've also got their hand in the mobile processor business, amongst other things. Interestingly the company's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, recently told investors that the company won't be growing their Tegra mobile processor business this year. The focus instead is to be on getting those processors with Tegra 4i processors with integrated 4G LTE ready!

   You might have noticed that there haven't been many Tegra 4 powered devices this year and basically it's because handset manufacturers can go to Qualcomm and buy their Snapdragon processors with all of the bells and whistles already attached, instead of having to add LTE modems and other bits and bobs to get everything working to the standard consumers expect. At the moment there's only ZTE with plans to announce a device with a Tegra 4 processor on board, but that won't arrive until the second half of the year. 

   In the meantime the guys have started looking to the future and more specifically Tegra 5 processors which will be kitted out with Kepler GPU's. The first demo, embedded below, shows off the Tegra 5 and Keplar GPU running a full version of Battlefield.

   Unfortunately, Huang felt the need to compare a processor which is coming out in 2014 with Apple's A6X processor which became available at the tail-end of last year. Strangely he labelled Apple's processor as having “vintage 1999” graphics despite it being better than Nvidia's Tegra 3, which was also available last year. Huang was probably trying to find a way to explain how he wants to be 'multiple years ahead of the competition' which is why the new generation of mobile GPU's from Nvidia will support DirectX 11 and fingers crossed the guys can deliver on their promises!
Via AndroidBeat and PhoneArena.


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