Tuesday 23 April 2013

In Other News: 23/04/2013.

  • Sony have decided to add the Xperia Z to their AOSP github. That means that they're busy at work for the Xperia Z which is good to hear, you can check out the video below showing where they've got to and head to the Sony developer blog here for full details!
    Via AndroidPolice.

  • Microsoft is expanding the availability of their Surface tablets. From April 25th you can get one of the RT devices in Malaysia and at some point relatively soon after you will be able to get one in Mexico or Korea and then they'll arrive in Thailand in either May or June. The Surface Pro on the other hand will arrive in 19 more countries which are spread across Europe, Asia and Oceania for this time next month! One of those places in the UK!
    Via Engadget.
  • Lenovo have confirmed that their K900 smartphone, the first to be powered by a dual-core Intel processor will be available on the 6th of May in China! We're not sure if this uber thin, 5.5" screened monster will head West, but we'll bring you more details if we have them after the big day!
    Via GSMInsider.
  • Facebook have redesigned their mobile website to work better with the touchscreens which you'll be viewing it on! It looks a little bit like Google Now, but we'll forgive that if it is an improvement!
    Via AndroidCommunity.
  • Geeksphone are the first company out of the block with a Firefox OS phone and you might have tried to get the Keon or Peak today, but you may well have been greeted with issues on the Geeksphone Store. It seems they had a bit more attention then they were expecting!

  • Bloomberg are reporting that Nokia will show off their much rumoured Lumia 928 for Verizon in May! We'll have to wait and see!
    Via TheVerge.
  • BeagleBone are back with a new dev board. This is called the 'black' board and for $45 you can buy yourself a 1GHz SitaraT AM335x ARM CortexT-A8 processor from Texas Instruments, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, Linux or Android compatibility, a micro-HDMI port, as well as USB and Ethernet ports! If you're interested head over here to get more details!
    Via Hothardware.
  • Virgin Mobile are offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 on contract soon! The pricing will be a £99 up front charge for the phone with either a £36 ‘Starter’ package which give you 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data, or the £41 ‘Essential’ package which offers 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data or you can go for the £44 ‘Premiere’ deal in which case you can have 2500 minutes and unlimited texts and data. If you want to reduce the upfront cost you can pay £2 per month extra and get the phone for £69 and don't forget if you're a Virgin broadband customer you get your £5 a month discount which makes these plans much more appealing!
    Via TrustedReviews.
And finally, Gamestick have unboxed the developer edition of their Kickstarter backed project. You can check out the video below if you're a backer because it shows you how the menus will look and how Riptide plays on the console!


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