Wednesday 10 April 2013

In Other News: 10/04/2013.

  • LG and Samsung just won't leave each other alone. Today some of Samsung's offices in South Korea have been raided by police on the accusation of 'technology theft' from LG. The issue is around OLED technology which LG thinks Samsung has stolen, something they refute by claiming that they already have “the world’s best OLED technology.” This latest raid was apparently initiated by the police with any prompting from LG.
    Via Phandroid.
  • Apple have today made an agreement the Japanese company Access Corporation. They are a mobile software provider and Apple has licensed the former's patent portfolio which originally stemmed from PalmSource. The agreement is similar to the one Microsoft struck a few years back. Isn't it so much nicer when everyone gets along?!
    Via Engadget.
  • SimCity is coming to Macs this summer and it's slated for release on June the 11th. If you already own the PC version you won't be charged to download it onto your Mac if you get it from Origin!
    Via TheVerge.
  • Samsung's Exynos-based Galaxy S4 has obliterated its Qualcomm brother check out the benchmarks here.
  • Hitman Absolution will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers throughout May! You can find more info on HUKD here!
And finally, Dan Rosenberg is famed for his abilities in finding root vulnerabilities in Motorola devices and it seems he's finally been beaten. Today he acknowledged that he won't be finding any more vulnerabilities because Motorola simply lock their phones down too well for him to bother any more. He hopes that in the future Google will make everything more open.


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