Thursday 25 April 2013

One of HP's unreleased all-touch WebOS devices finally gets its moment on camera.

   Ohhh WebOS... If you're a long time reader of our site you'll know that we were and still are huge fans of the little operating system which Palm built. It was cute, fun and an all round solid performer. The problem was that it never really got the hardware which it deserved; partly because of Palm's small budget and partly because HP wanted it to have instant success, which it didn't. That leaves us in the position where the image of that phone above leaves us rather sad and the chips on the screen seem to somehow capture our mood perfectly.

   That slightly dented and chipped phone is what was codenamed the HP WinsorNot; it's an all-touch smartphone running WebOS, so it seems the Pre 3 and the Veer weren't necessarily going to be on their own forever!

   The WinsorNot was initially designed for a late 2011 release, so it was set to run alongside the Pre 3, which incidentally this phone has a fair bit in common with. This device was set to have a similar processor, the same camera arrangement and the same 800 x 480p WVGA screen resolution, but this time those pixels were going to be spread over 4 inches! According to WebOSNation the device was scrapped because HP simply didn't have the resources to maintain development for the Pre 3, the Veer, the Touchpad and the Touchpad Go which was also scrapped in the end. 

   Apparently the final nail in the devices coffin was LTE. AT&T were moving toward that as the connection standard towards the end of 2011 and essentially HP didn't have to time to add support and AT&T simply didn't see it as a viable flagship for that very reason! 

   If you want a more detailed version of events then head over to WebOSNation where you can see a tonne more pictures and let us know your thoughts in the comments below, after you've check out the insanely cool wireless charger on your way down! Do you miss WebOS or was it always destined to fail?


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