Tuesday 2 April 2013

Microsoft's Windows OS to be bumped to version 8.1 this year?

   Sources at both The Verge and ZDNet have seemingly confirmed that the next version of Windows 8, which was previously codenamed Windows Blue, will officially be Windows 8.1. The news was first revealed by Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet and The Verge subsequently checked with their sources who seemed to agree.

   So what is this upgrade and why isn't it a Service Pack like we would expect around this point? Well it seems as though this update, which is still totally unconfirmed officially, will include lots of changes, which are not normally included in Service Pack updates (You can check out Microsoft's definitions of service packs, releases, feature packs and more here!). The Verge said that this will mark a new approach for Windows as future versions will be updated on a yearly basis. If  what what The Verge says is in fact correct, then there will be yearly updates for consumers and that would mean there will be a considerably lower amount of support for each version of Windows. 

   We're sceptical that Microsoft will choose to go down that road, we'd instead expect them to offer incremental changes to Windows just like Google do with Android. Given the current situation which Microsoft finds themselves, with Windows 8 having had a lukewarm reception, perhaps offering a number bump to Windows 8.1 and sharing it around as a free update, might change the general public's perception and convince people that the guys in Redmond have got all of the kinks ironed out! We certainly hope so, because we can't imagine people shelling out for updates to Windows every year!

   Microsoft will reported release their first Windows 8.1 public preview at the Build developer conference in late June. Other items expected on the agenda for that event include the new Xbox, the future of Windows Phone, and Windows Server on top of news for Windows!
Via ZDNet and TheVerge.


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