Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Microsoft, Nokia and others file antitrust complaint against Google's Android app bundling with the EU!

   This one is going to hit Google where it hurts! A conglomerate which includes Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle has gone to the EU with a new antitrust complaint which says that Android gives Google's apps an unfair advantage on the platform!

   The companies which have teamed up are calling themselves Fairsearch Europe and the complaint centres on the way that Google offers their OS for free, but they Google wants OEM's to give their home-grown Maps, YouTube and Play store apps a "prominent default placement on the phone."

   Thomas Vinje, the lead counsel for the complaining companies, described Android as a "Trojan Horse" which had the intention to deceive partners, monopolise the mobile market, and control consumer data. The guys used the statistics that Google fulfils 96% of mobile internet searches and that they shop 70% of smartphones with their OS on board to reinforce their 'monopoly' claims.

   It's quite amusing that Microsoft are heading up the complaint given their recent antitrust woes, but then they probably feel that Google should feel the same 'pain' that they have endured. The Verge received a statement from Google which said they couldn't comment on specifics, but that they will "continue to work cooperatively with the European Comission."
Via TheVerge.


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