Wednesday 10 April 2013

Samsung's first Galaxy S4 adverts make their way online!

   Samsung's Galaxy S4 might not be ready for prime time until the 26th of this month, but Samsung is busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for the big launch day.

   Today we've got to see the first fruits of their labours as there have been four adverts found on the internet which show off the new flagship device! Check each of them out below, but before you do we'll run you through what all of them are about:
  1. The first is the longest at 60 seconds long and it mainly shows off the hardware in the S4.
  2. The second is 'sound shot' which sends a photo with a voice message with it.
  3. The first demos the Group Play feature.
  4. And finally, the fourth ad shows how useful S Translator can be!
   We must say the way Samsung portrays these features they do appear useful to every day consumers and we think these adverts will be a great way to convince people that they must have the Galaxy S4!


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