Wednesday 3 April 2013

Samsung and Mozilla team up for next gen. mobile browser engine!

   Today we've heard about a new joint project from both Samsung and Mozilla who have teamed up to create a new browser engine which is fully prepared to "take advantage of tomorrow’s faster, multi-core, heterogeneous computing architectures." That’s the reason why the two companies have paired up to work on a new web browser engine called Servo.

   Mozilla's CTO, Brendan Eich, said that:
"Servo is an attempt to rebuild the Web browser from the ground up on modern hardware, rethinking old assumptions along the way. This means addressing the causes of security vulnerabilities while designing a platform that can fully utilize the performance of tomorrow’s massively parallel hardware to enable new and richer experiences on the Web. To those ends, Servo is written in Rust, a new, safe systems language developed by Mozilla along with a growing community of enthusiasts."
   The engine is designed specifically for both ARM processors and Android in particular, which makes perfect sense really. Mozilla always want to target the most people with their releases, Android is the most popular mobile operating system and Samsung are the biggest phone seller in the Android market, everything fits together perfectly for all camps really!

   There's really not many more details available for this project at the moment; there's no time frame for release and the only mention of time is when Mozilla say they want to have the first major revision of Rust done this year. If we get any more specific details then we'll be sure to let you know!

   You can find the full announcement from Mozilla's CTO here.
Via Engadget.


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