Thursday 4 April 2013

Rovio are doing pretty well: 2012 sees revenues double and cuddly toys step up sales.

   Rovio are super famous for their Angry Birds franchise, you will probably have noticed how they now sell everything from lunch boxes to cuddly toys and everything through to Angry Birds USB sticks and beyond! It turns out that selling all of that stuff is actually a pretty good for business and their 2012 earnings report is just in, so lets see how it looks!

   Rovio confirmed that through 2012 full year revenue was up by a whopping 101% and it finished up at €152.2 million (somewhere near $195 million). This led their CFO, Herkko Soininen, to remark how:
"Year 2012 was another record-breaking year for Rovio. We doubled our revenue with an EBIT margin of 50 percent, more than doubled our headcount, established new offices and a New Business Ventures unit... Also, to protect our own, as well as our partners’ and our fans’ interests, we continue to invest heavily in brand protection globally."
   If we think back to last year Rovio released a tonne of new games. There were four key releases: Angry Birds Space, Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Between those games and the original Angry Birds game Rovio had more than a billion downloads and their active monthly users are now on above a quarter of a billion people at 263 million.

   With the recent release of The Croods game, Angry Birds Toons and probably some more games this year, Rovio is confident that their games will be downloaded more than 1.7 billion time before this year is out!

   As we said right at the start, Rovio isn't just making money from selling their apps and in game purchases any more. They're selling a lot of other things too. Cuddly toys and other things branded by Rovio are now 45 percent of the company's revenue and that is a three-fold increase from 2011!  We can only see that going from strength to strength in the future!

   What do you guys think? Can Rovio sustain this sort of growth or will the Angry Birds bubble burst soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Rovio Via HotHardware.


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