Thursday 4 April 2013

Rumour: Are 'AndroidBook' laptops on the way?

   Lets go straight ahead and say this is a rumour, a huge great big rumour from Digitimes of all places, but lets just pause and go through it and things start to make a little bit of sense.

   Google are already starting to push gently into the computing market: they're already offering their Chromebooks and there's companies like HP, Acer and Samsung on board with that project and all three of those examples are also working with Android too!

   If we add into that Intel's recent push into the mobile phone processor market with their work on the x86-based version of Android, it's not totally unreasonable to suggest that their could be Android-powered laptops and even Ultrabooks later this year.

   We've already heard Google reiterating their commitment to maintain Android and Chrome as separate operating systems because Schmidt said, "[Android and Chrome are] certainly going to remain separate for a very long time because they solve different problems." His point has seemingly been proved by the relatively tame take up of Windows 8.

   So we've basically seen that there are reasons for and against an 'AndroidBook', but what is it when we attach a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet? Is that not effective an Android laptop anyway? We're sure at least a couple of you guys out there are using some of Asus' Transformer tablets so that's a makeshift Android laptop already.

    Where does that leave Google Play in all of this? That store now offers magazines, movies, music and tonnes of apps, so surely that is in a prime position to give consumers basically everything they need for their computing needs already and the Play Store is currently far more compelling than the Windows 8 store, which hasn't been too well received because the figurative shelves are pretty bare.

   The only thing really missing at the moment is an official move from Google to show people what they can do with Android in the laptop form factor. Perhaps with Sundar Pichai at the reigns of both Chrome and Android, it's a possibility that Google will offer more laptops whilst keeping OS' separate.

   What do you think on this grand idea? Should Google use Motorola's phone into laptop dock idea? We think that's the future! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Digitimes Via Tom'sHardware.


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