Tuesday 2 April 2013

ARM and TSMC get 16nm FinFET ARM Cortex A57 processors closer to production!

   We're sure if you haven't heard of anything directly about ARM that you would certainly have used some of their intellectual ideas, probably without knowing it! They are a British mobile chip designers who basically sell people their intellectual property for people to build mobile processors off of their ideas! You might have heard of ARM's big.LITTLE arrangement in a certain Samsung product lately.

   Well the latest idea from the guys which has its way into the world is the first 64-bit Cortex-A57 processor which has been made by TSMC's using their 16nm FinFET production tech. Last year the guys managed to produce a processor based on 20nm processes, but a mere 6 months on things have been made even more efficient and powerful. This new 16nm processor has been labelled as their most powerful processor yet by ARM!

   So why is this important? Well this is widely seen as the processor which can propel ARM and their designs into the spotlight. They are powerful enough for both servers and for high performance computing, something which is a large departure from what ARM do at the moment.
Via PhoneArena and TheInquirer.


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