Sunday, 13 May 2012

100th Post!

100th post!

  Yes it's late on a Sunday evening and well that means there's not too much news. I'm just sorting out how much each of myself and my friends needs to set up to pay each month for our university next year, fun!

   But, I noticed I was on 99 posts and I thought I might go ahead and make it a nice 100! But, writing the blog has been great fun, I will keep going and I will continue to obsess over my stats!

   I would just like to say whatever part of the world you'are in, thank you for reading and go ahead and download the Android app on the right hand side!!!

   Other than that the only news today is that Apple has decided to rename the iPad + 4G, as the iPad with Cellular in everywhere outside the USA so there shall be no more confusion!!!


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