Friday 5 April 2013

Is this an image of a new iPhone?

   When devices 'leak' then it's always slightly frustrating because we literally have no idea whether people have got it right or not and then if they didn't there's the chance they fabricated everything to make fools of some journalists. 

   With that in mind the image above is supposedly an iPhone 5S. We'd be surprised if that was the case because typically Apple has kept the same external design with the 'S' versions of their phones and just made the insides a lot better! But, there's some other things which make this rumour a little more credible. A couple of weeks back Apple submitted a patent application for a device which looks like this:

   GSMArena have speculated that the first image could just have been someone's render of the patent application just above or alternatively it could just be one of the test designs which Apple is playing with to mask the actual design of the phone which will be announced this year.

   What do you think does this sound plausible? Let us know in the comments below.
Via GSMArena.


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