Friday 1 June 2012


The future of Android.

   If we needed any confirmation that there is an imminent update to Android available the good folks at Pandora have all but confirmed it. The picture to the right is a screenshot of their app and one of the 'new features' is 'Campatibility support for an upcoming Android OS'. 
   On the one hand I'm excited to see this, but on the other I know it's going to be a long, long wait for updates for this version to hit my devices, my Sony Tablet S only got ICS yesterday!!!

   Aside from this forthcoming release the is also news from Google's Senior Vice President on Chrome and Applications had this to say about how Android and Chrome OS could draw together in future;    
“Android is extremely successful, we couldn’t be more proud of it. We have exciting steps ahead with tablets, too. There are many instances where people spend all of their time in the browser. 
The notion that, for the first time, your experience is in the cloud. You still run on a local device, CPU, SSD, etc. – but the notion that your computer is actually in the cloud enables zero administration. And from a web console, you can deploy and manage apps. There’s no installing software or anything like that.
I think what is important between Android and Chrome OS with users, is that it makes sense. Look at Apple, there’s MacBooks and iPhone, and they use different operating systems. Convergence will happen, sure. But look at Gmail – you go from a Chromebook to Android, and it just works.” – Pichai

In other news:

  • HTC has revealed the Taiwanese and Chinese versions of the HTC One S and both are rocking a 1.7Ghz Dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor. This is the old version of the processor, ie the one in the HTC Sensation XE. But, on the plus side this does make both of these world phones!
  • The new Lara Croft game has a trailer available and the gameplay looks decidedly more gritty than the past versions of the game.
  • If you're into Space and Galaxies and things, Nasa has some intriguing news for you. Apparently they have predicted that our Galaxy and Andromeda are set to collide in approximately.... 4 billion years time. So no worries just yet!
  • All in all Samsung has shifted 52million Galaxy S' and S2's (24+28million respectively). The Galaxy Note has sold pretty well too with 7million having been dispatched. That ladies and gentlemen is how you make money in the mobile industry!
  • The judge in the Google vs Oracle case has ruled that API's are not copyrightable things, good work Google's lawyers!


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