Thursday 14 June 2012


Nokia and a few announcements:

   Nokia has today come out with a rather large amount of announcements for a non-earnings call event. 

    Firstly, we'll get the bad news out of the way; Nokia has announced they have plans to chop down around 10,000 jobs before the end of 2013. Factories in Germany, Finland, and Canada will take the main brunt of the lay-offs. The company plans to “sharpen its strategy” in a bid to turn a profit again! 

   This refocusing, involves the news we covered yesterday, that Vertu is destined to be sold to equity group EQP. There's also an option to utilise their large patent portfolio; “We have many valuable patent families [and] with the right price, we would sell.”

   The company has reportedly axed it's planned low-end smartphone OS, Meltemi. Now Nokia have refused to comment on the matter, but 'insiders' have said the company will simply just continue to use S40 to power the upcoming devices. Although, the R&D department is still expected to keep working on Windows 8 tablets, despite a slashing of their budget.

In other news:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been delayed again. [update] We've just heard an official word from Samsung:

“The Note 10.1 is NOT available for pre-order, and in fact
we have not yet announced final details, timing or pricing for this
product. The information Amazon published is also not entirely
Samsung does appreciate all the interest and excitement about this
upcoming offering and we will have more details to share soon.”

  •  Samsung has categorically denied that they plan for their 'Family Story' project to become a rival to Facebook. They've merely reiterated that the system is designed to help with family life, but nothing much more speculative than that.
  • Opera and Chrome both plan to support Apple's new Retina Mac's.


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