Friday 22 June 2012


The Nintendo 3DS XL.

   Nintendo has officially announced the Nintendo 3DS XL. It's essentially the 3D version of what they did with the DS and naturally there's that bigger screen as well. And this new device is literally all about screen size!

  Nintendo’s normal 3DS has a 3.53-inch display up top and a 3.02-inch display down below, which the XL model bests with a pair of 4.88- and 4.18-inches respectively. Which naturally makes the whole device bigger, but you'll accept that for the extra screen real estate!

   This time around though, Nintendo has a bit of a change of plan when it comes to their target audience. With past XL versions they aimed them squarely at adults and slightly older users who wanted larger screens that didn't require you to squint or hold them a couple of inches from your face to see them. But now Nintendo has specifically said the 3DS XL is for anyone who wants “more real estate”. But you'll also find it useful if you use the device for Netflix or Nintendo Video streaming.

   Essentially you'll be buying this just for the screens. The 3DS XL will cost you $199.99 but we're not sure what that'll mean for people in the UK when the price gets the normal upward bump in translation from dollars to pounds.

The news in brief:

  • HTC has decided to shutter its business in Brazil, citing a lack of sales and as a results profitability in the country. This might be surprising to hear for most of us but outside of that country HTC has reiterated that nothing else will change!
  • Apple has rolled out a their App store to a further 32 countries today the full list includes a large variety of African and Asian countries, but there's a few unlikely European and South American Countries such as Albania and Ukraine in the mix too!
  • Motorola has promised a Q2 update to the Razr's and Razr Maxx's and today Verizon, at least, have made good on their promise. ICS will be available for download from today!!!
  • TiVo for Android has launched today for both Phones and Tablets!
  • Microsoft's Surface tablets will be Wifi only at launch. As if that makes any difference to your decisions to buy one!


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