Thursday 7 June 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 latest to be targeted by Apple's patent gun.

   Yesterday, we reported that Apple had again tried to secure an injunction against HTC in the USA, for the whole of HTC's line-up. But, because Apple don't seem to like any sort of competition and this time the Galaxy S3 is focused squarely in Apple's sights.

   But, this time Samsung aren't going to lay down and accept this hindrance, instead they're planning to “vigorously oppose” any of Apple’s attempts to block the Galaxy S III coming to the US, and they're still aiming to launch the devices on June 21st.

   Samsung has pledged to “demonstrate to the court that the Galaxy S III is innovative and distinctive.” The two patents Apple has issues over are; firstly, the same patent that relates to the use of context menus that HTC's One Series was held at customs for. The other relates to “universal search technology” which is used in Siri, which Apple have accused Samsung of copying in its S-Voice application.

   One does have to question how much longer Apple can keep doing this for without getting a backlash from consumers. They are to all intents and purposes trying to stop competition over menial details. I for one think they're being ridiculous now, it seems clear that Samsung are not copying them in any regard here and I think Apple should try to realise there is a line. Or alternatively they could actually release some competitive devices, because they're standing in the way of progress now.

O2 and Vodafone partner to plan for the future.

   Two of the biggest players in the UK mobile market have announced today that they will be sharing infrastructure to mutually assist each other to speed up LTE rollout.

   The pair plan to continue running independent spectrum and competing services, but they will start sharing maintenance duties for their shared hardware and  they wil decommission unnecessary base-station sites.
   “Under the proposals, both companies will have access to a single grid of 18,500 masts representing an increase in sites of more than 40% for each operator” which should very much help if you are lacking signal from your provider in your area. “The joint venture will also be responsible for the building of new sites needed to extend coverage into rural and remote areas. There will be opportunities for the decommissioning of duplicate sites and, as a result, the two companies expect there will be a more than 10% overall reduction in the total number of sites, in the UK, used by the two operators" something which will save both companies money as well as increasing their customers signal, which can only be good for you!

   Telefónica, which is O2 parent company, will having the job of looking after radio equipment and local connections in the East (including Northern Ireland and most of Scotland), Vodafone logically will take care of the duties in the West (including Wales). Each network will continue to work independently, this is just hardware sharing there is no merger here so this is not like T-Mobile/Oranges merger. Everything Everywhere (T-Mo+Orange) actually allow cross-network roaming so you can pick up the others signal, this will NOT happen with Vodafone and O2. 

   Vodafone and O2 expect this to give them 98% population coverage by an LTE network, by 2015, if these proposals get accepted by OFCOM. That is the carrot for OFCOM to approve the deal, so we'll have to wait and see what happens now. So with O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile having drawn up plans for 4G LTE, that only leaves Three all on their own. 

In other news:

  • Angry Birds Space has hit 100million downloads!
  • RIM has discontinued the 16GB Playbook, arguing that the 32GB and 64GB models represent better value for money. Is this a money making ploy or is this a sign of a new model? Or maybe RIM is genuinely trying to help consumers make a good choice.
  • Facebook has announced carrier billing for their credits system.
  • LinkedIN and eHarmony have had huge password leaks in the last few days, so make sure you change your passwords if you have accounts there!


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