Tuesday 5 June 2012


   Hi guys sorry for the late post, I've been enjoying my street's Jubilee party this evening and it has been absolutely pouring with rain but everyone is still out there bbq-ing and everything else despite the rain!

The News in Brief!

  • Qualcomm have announced that they will be powering the next version of Windows phones which will run Apollo aka Windows Phone 8, it'd be great to see some S4-esque performance running Microsoft's attractive OS!
  • Windows Phone also hit a milestone today with the platform now having over 100,000 apps, take that Android and iOS!
  • Google has acquired QuickOffice! So we can expect to see integration in the near future, this is something which will place Android as a viable alternative to Windows 8 tablets in terms of productivity and is a great move by Google. Android does need to become a more rounded environment and this is definitely a start!
  • Sony have showed of their All-stars Battle Royale game at E3 today, think of it as Smash Brothers Brawl, but with Sony's unique character line-up.
  • Virgin Mobile are looking to be the next American carrier to offer a pay as you go iPhone, this rumour comes after Cricket got the same honour last week!

Sorry it's only brief guys, but it's all the news covered! Back to the proper stuff tomorrow!!!


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