Friday 29 June 2012


Microsoft Surface really did put off OEM's?

   There have been reports today that, in spite of the positive reactions of the press, Microsoft's surface really did put off their other OEM partners from continuing with their Windows 8 tablet plans.

   One company this has had a significant effect on, is reported, to be HP. Given the obvious failings of the Hewlett Packard's Touchpad last year, it's quite understandable that they are cautious when it comes to tablets. Microsoft themselves supposedly commented that, “If Microsoft had seen compelling enough plans from [PC makers],” Moor Insights & Strategy’s Patrick Moor said, after talks with Windows RT OEMs, ”they wouldn’t have needed to do this". This clearly demonstrates the failings of the plans from HP and their competitors.

   The story here focuses particularly on Windows RT because the reported $90 pricetag on that version of Windows 8 is off-putting for potential partners, this is something Microsoft themselves are exempt from because the Surface tablets are made in-house. This is said to be pushing other OEM's into the hands of the OpenSource (and free) Android Operating System.Although no other specific names are mentioned, sources apparently claim that “just about every OEM out there is scrapping one or more [Windows RT] designs, with most renewing Android efforts with every resource at their disposal."

Chrome for iOS already a top app!

   Less than two days after the app launched onto iOS, Chrome for iPad and iPhone is already a hit! The reality is that the app is just a skin on top of Safari in iOS because of Apple's restrictions, but that doesn't stop it being awesome!

   So far there have been well over 4,000 reviews of the app and 80% of posts have given the app the full 5 star rating, with the app currently averaging 4.5stars!

   If you didn't hear the app was available then head to your app store and hit download on Chrome! It's free!

In other news:

  • Google admits MacBook Chrome crash bug, but blames faults in Apple's kernel for being partly to blame as well, they've informed Apple of the issue!
  • Matias Duarte, Android's headhoncho for the User Interface, has suggested ailing RIM could turn towards Android. He said that the company could make some great Android hardware and we have to agree! Although, there's rumours Microsoft could repeat the 'Nokia process' on them!
  • Google has claimed the creation of the Nexus 7 is proof that they won't automatically give Motorola priority over the rest of their OEM partners!
  • Twitter for Windows Phone has now received Push notifications!
  • A Google Nexus 10 is reportedly in the works!
  • Adobe has reported they will pull support for Flash in Android in Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) so no more flash!
  • RIM reports dire Q1 2012 results; there's a $518m loss and BlackBerry 10 has been delayed until Q1 2013!


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