Monday 4 June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 heading Stateside!

   The Galaxy S3 is finally coming to the Land of Stars and Strips!!! Samsung have announced the phone for the five major mobile carriers over in the United States in one sweep. The device will start on the top four carriers for $199 on-contract, the likes of Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T will be joined by U.S. Wireless as carriers. 

   This is great news for U.S. Wireless and it's customers because they can genuinely compete with the big boys now! We expect their version to be carrying 4G LTE, just like Verizon and AT&T’s versions, but T-Mobile's will get HSPA+ 42!

   Samsung has announced that the phones will arrive through June in the USA, each individual network will announce their own individual release date. This device is slightly different from the international version. The international version has an Exynos quad-core processor, this one however has the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked at  1.5 GHz, as well as rocking a huge 2GB of internal RAM.

   Other than that everything is the same; Gorilla Glass 2.0, removable 2100 mAh battery, both 16GB and 32GB internal storage variants, as well as the same 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capabilities that we’ve seen on the original Galaxy S III. Exciting stuff!

Announced release dates:

Verizon: Pre-orders start June 6, no word on general availability. (16GB $199.99, 32GB $249.99 with 2 year contracts.)

AT&T: No word yet, check back for updates! Pre-orders start June 6, same pricing as Verizon and an exclusive Red variant to complement the White and Blue ones everyone else is getting.

Sprint:  No word yet, check back for updates! Sprint were so quick off the mark we missed them! Pre-orders started today (5th June) and they expect devices to ship on June 21, again same pricing structure as the two above, it's looking like that's what Samsung's enforcing on the Galaxy S3.

T-Mobile: Pre-order 'shortly' and general availability June 21. (No official pricing, but it's rumoured to be the same as Big Red's)

U.S. Cellular:   Pre-orders from June 12, in-store and online availability sometime in July. (No Pricing).


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