Tuesday 19 June 2012


Microsoft's big rumours were tablets!!!

   Late last night in Los Angeles, in the United States of America, something amazing happened... The rumours came true!!! Microsoft announced their new tablet range called Surface. 

   Yesterday we heard two new tablets coming; one was a 9.6mm tablet running on an Nvidia chip which powers Windows RT. The second one runs full Windows 8 Pro and the show is driven by a 22nm chip from Intel. This second one is slightly chunkier too at 13mm. The two tablets share 10.6" screens but the RT version runs at 1366 x 768 whereas the one on the other tablet will be a full HD screen.

   One particularly interesting feature is that keyboard you can see above is actually magnetic and comes in two varieties; one with tactile keys(!!!) and one that is just touch receptive but lacks feedback.

   All in all these are great tablets and if they can come in at a reasonable price Microsoft could have a pair of winners here, because these are very good looking tablets, but we will have to wait until fall to hear the full costing.

In other news:

  • Samsung's Galaxy S3 has had it's hardware hacked to allow wireless charging. Yes Samsung has promised an official solution but that won't be hitting until September. We strongly recommend you hold tight until the official version lands instead of risking your beautiful new phone!
  • LG has indicated it will be taking a back seat in the tablet market and they will instead be focusing on mobile phones.
  • Apple has announced it has an extra 2 years exclusivity with Liquidmetal. This will take the deal until February 2014!
  • The Nokia 808 Pureview is up for pre-order in the USA at a cost of $699.


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