Monday 4 June 2012

The UK's top 10 phones for May


 Up until March the Galaxy S2 had dominated the sales chart for 11 consecutive months, but the impending release of the Galaxy S3, mean the phone was finally beaten out by the iPhone 4S, the white version of course. But, if we flick forward to May it seems Samsung has returned to glory.

   The Samsung Galaxy S3, despite only being released late in the month managed to top the sales chart for May. Interestingly Samsung seems to totally dominate the sales in the UK, which isn't quite reflected elsewhere around the world.

   Aside from the Samsung main stays such as the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Ace and the S2+3, HTC had a relatively strong showing with the One series coming in 4th, 8th and 9th, which interestingly are the One X, S and V respectively.

   The main story here is that Samsung, and to a degree, the iPhone dominate the British market; there's no mention of Nokia, one mention of Sony, nothing from LG and perhaps most surprising there is not a single Blackberry in the list at all?! Which is bad news for RIM given how popular they are with the kids at the moment! Perhaps it has something to do with the sheer amount of models they offer.

   Below is the full list, which was very interesting reading:

The uSwitch top 10 handsets by sales and live searches for May.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III (new entry)

2. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (down one place)

3. Samsung Galaxy S II (down one place)

4. HTC One X (down one place)

5. Samsung Galaxy Ace (no movement)

6. Samsung Galaxy Note (down two places)

7. iPhone 4 16GB black (up one place)

8. HTC One S (down two places)

9. HTC One V (new entry)

10. Sony Xperia S (down three places)


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