Friday 1 June 2012

Pheonix and the future of WebOS.

 This may just be the most appropriately named software development group ever. They, like me, love WebOS and they are:
"A devoted group of people who want to give of our time, skills, and resources in an effort to maintain and foster the growth of the webOS user base."
They've outlined all of the plans the group has and a  general overview of the current situation is that:
"We know that HP is going to release Open webOS later this year, and that OpenMobile will solve the ecosystem issue by providing us with the ability to run Android apps, but then what? Some will inevitably say: “nothing.”—Open webOS will be dead on arrival and we will never see new hardware for it, so we should all just accept that and make a choice between iOS, Android, or Windows Phone."
What does the group want and what are the aims and the overall meaning of the endeavour?
"It means to address the inadequacies of webOS itself, it means to have a constant dialogue with the greater community of users regarding the inadequacies of webOS, and working on adding new features and fixing annoying bugs. And, ultimately, it means to increase the selection of devices that webOS can run on—first by porting it to desirable new hardware already available on the market, and eventually over the long term by working with an established manufacturer to introduce a line of custom webOS devices."

   The company also wants to add in tweaks to WebOS so in theory this could become an equal to what CyanogenMOD is on Android. The ideal situation would be if WebOS could be dual-booted with Android phones, something which would get the software out there in no time!

   I for one am over the moon to see this happening and I'm sure there is a group of people out there who can't wait for this to become a reality. I just hope the team targets the right devices when they get around to porting it; the Galaxy S2's and S3's of this world and the HTC One X and S, so that we can see what WebOS can really do on decent hardware. Long live WebOS!

Check out their site: Pheonix International Communications.


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