Tuesday 26 June 2012


BBM on BB10 leaks!

   With a whole host of information trickling out of Canada about RIM's future plans for their Blackberry smartphones, we have some news today which concerns one of the platforms most popular features, BBM. 

   The messaging system will of course be carried forward into to currently unreleased and QNX-based, BB10 operating system. The picture above points to how the device will look and again the L-series device is shown on the right hand side above.

   There's also a choice of colour schemes as you can see to the right. The colour scheme can be changed to your preference or just to save battery! A small change to the colours from white to black can reduce the battery consumption by about 25% and it's reported to be possible to save up to 75% just by changing a few other colours on OLED screens!

   So BB10 is starting to take shape, but will you be on board when it officially launches in the fall or are you going to be splashing out on a new iPhone, Galaxy S3 or something else before that time comes around.

In other news:

  • Firefox for Android has officially left beta complete with a host of performance optimisations and other general improvements!
  • Bing maps had added 165TB's of new images to their mapping to make sure you never get lost!
  • Facebook has quietly ended support for their controversial 'Find Friends Nearby' option which was always slightly 'dodgy' if you get what we mean!
  • The Nokia 808 Pureview has gone up for sale on Amazon UK for the lofty price of £499.98 or about 770 of the finest American Dollar. If you really must have the undisputed best cameraphone in the world then you're going to have to cough up!
  • HTC has released the new HTC Connect as a direct challenger to Apple's lauded Airplay functionality.
  • And finally, it has come to light that Microsoft had access to their OEM partners plans for Windows 8 before they went ahead and produced their Surface tablets, so obviously they weren't up to scratch!



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