Monday 11 June 2012

iOS6 from WWDC 2012

iOS 6.

   There's over 200 new features, lets get started:


  • Siri can now open apps, just say the name and it'll open!
  • It'll find your sports score and reschedule your meeting effortlessly.
  • Use Siri to use your phone direct from your steering wheel! This will see Apple working with BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda, to give you support in the next 12 months for the Siri on the wheel button. Which will allow you to press the button and tweet, message or do pretty much anything else Siri can do!
  • Siri is coming to The New iPad! But, not the old ones.
Facebook integration.

  • Apple have said "We have been working very closely with Facebook to create the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device."
  • It'll be just like Twitter integration; you can post anything you want to from your phone! 
  • "But we didn't stop there. We've also integrated it with the App Store, so now you can like apps and see which apps your friends like." This is something you can now do to the App Store from elsewhere.
  • The API is public so you can integrate Facebook into your app!
  • Contact syncing... Finally!! This is coming to the Mac too!
The Phone App:
  • "You've probably been in a meeting before where you can't answer it right now, and you wish you could easily text them back a message or be reminded later..." now you can control an incoming call. Slide up and you can get reminded to call back later or send a message back, which is actually useful.
  • There's a new 'Do not disturb' mode, which will silence all notifications!
  • You can now screen your phone calls, ignoring all or just letting in a few people at a certain time. You can set it so that if someone calls you multiple times, regardless of who they are, they'll get through.

  • Facetime over Cellular data!!!
  • You can now answer the calls from a mobile on an iPad or a Mac with the use of an Apple ID.

  • iCloud Tabs now have a feature that allows you to get your desktop tabs onto or off of your phone.
  • There's now an Offline Reading option. You can add anything to your Reading List and it'll download and cache it for later.
  • The iPhone can now bring up a notification that an app exists you can tap a banner which will push you straight to the App Store. This can push URL's to an app so you can keep reading where you left the browser.
  • Ohhh and landscape browsing will now give you full screen viewing.

  • "In iOS 6, we have built an entire new mapping solution from the ground up, and it is beautiful."
  • "Beautiful, beautiful maps. Now, part of Maps is local search... we have already ingested more than 100 million business listings" if that's not enough there's Yelp integration already.
  • The traffic information comes in too: "We're also building a traffic service." It's a simple presentation, with red bars showing traffic slowdowns and icons showing construction, accidents, etc. Your speeds will help inform Apple of problems, so it knows if you're speeding in Realtime.
  • Siri integration too!
  • You can ask where to get petrol and it'll tell you!
  • There's a 3D fly-around view too.
  • These are all vector based like Google Maps so you can spin and twist and really disorientate yourself as much as you want. Zooming works so that when you get close enough to a place it'll pop into the 3D view.

  • There's a "Lost Mode" for iOS devices. Send a phone number and it'll show a notification on the screen. If anyone finds it they'll tap, it'll dial that number automatically.

   This update will ship in the Autumn, so it will arrive with the new iPhone and will come to the 3GS and newer versions of the iPhone, 2nd generation iPads and newer iPads, and the 4th generation iPod touch and of course all future iDevices!


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