Tuesday 12 June 2012


The news in brief!

  • Apple has opened the iOS 6 Beta to everyone now. You can get it here.
  • Spotify for Android has been updated with a new, faster interface.
  • Sainsbury’s UK has purchased 64% of e-book company Anobii from HMV. Now we know this is an insanely good deal for Sainsbury's but there's wide held suspicion that they've assumed some sort of debt here as well, so it's not quite the steal it looks like it is on paper.
  • Seton Hall University in the USA has started giving their 'freshers' a complimentary Nokia Lumia 900. The phone comes with a bunch of apps pre-installed that help the newcomers get around campus and connect to their learning resources!
  • Samsung has pushed out its first update to it's Galaxy S3's. The update brings simple 'Stability improvements'. The update is available now OTA via Wifi or 3G, it's a 31.17MB download.
  • Apple and TomTom have signed a Maps deal for the forthcoming iOS 6 Maps and TomTom will power the operation.
  • US Department of Justice has announced that they are not keen on returning MegaUpload data to innocent customers. Good way to annoy people US government!


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