Monday 4 June 2012

Nintendo Pre-E3


Wii U Controllers.


   Above we have Nintendo's newest plans for their upcoming Wii U console. Above to the left is their standard controller which looks remarkably similar to a certain other consoles controller! *cough* Xbox *cough*. 

   Secondly the picture above to the right is how Nintendo have progressed and have finally decided on their handheld tablet-esque controller will look, again they have done away with the flat joysticks that were on the Nintendo 3DS, so if you've just got used to them, sorry, but I think most people agree proper joysticks are slightly easier to use! Interestingly the Gamepad can be carried around with you so you can play on the fly!

Wii U Miiverse.

    The Miiverse is Nintendo's new gaming social system designed to integrate with the Wii U console. This will offer avatars, chat, communities and more. All of this centres around the Mii avatars and has support for text and handwritten messages, both of which can be accessed from a mobile browser on a smartphone or tablet. This will allow Wii U users to quickly access help from friends especially on trickier levels and challenges.

   There’s also something called Mii Wara Wara, which gathers game-related messages and collects them into the individual titles. Location-base Miis can be found, clustering them around where you’re physically gaming if you’ve taken your Gamepad out and about.


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