Thursday 28 June 2012


Microsoft details the Windows 8 upgrade path!

   According to ZDNet’s 'reputable' sources, users upgrading to the new Windows 8, the entry-level consumer version, from Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, and Windows 7 Home Premium will be able to transfer all of their current settings, personal files and applications, just as they are at the moment! The same will apply for users who upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from all varieties of Windows 7. The same goes for all Enterprise versions of Windows 7 which will be upgraded!

   However, users who upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows Vista without SP1will only be able to retain personal files and but won't be able to transfer Windows settings. If SP1 is installed before the upgrade then personal data and system settings will be maintained. But, users upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows XP with SP3 or higher will only be able to retain personal files.

   There's a lot of details to consider if you do choose to upgrade, but it might be worth holding off for a while on Windows 8 until it's been thoroughly reviewed and tested so that all the initial bugs get ironed out!

In other news:

  • Google Docs has added offline support from today!
  • Chrome hits the iPad and iPhone today!
  • Chrome now has 310million users and is the world's most popular browser!
  • Atari is offering 100 iOS games for free to celebrate their 40th birthday!
  • Nokia has officially announced they have a contingency plan if Windows Phone doesn't pan out as a success.
  • The Google Nexus Q has been hacked to run games so it should be good!
  • Nokia's Lumia 710 and 800 both received the Windows Phone 7 Tango update today!


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