Friday 30 March 2012


RIM tries 'Blackberry is not a toy' campaign to save themselves.

   RIM has had a busy day today; first they announced absolutely abysmal results for the last quarter with a loss of around $125million, yes you read that correctly!!!

   But, RIM is not prepared to go out without a flurry at the very least and the company has announced today that they are going to refocus themselves on enterprise and naturally after that, I suppose, comes an ad campaign highlighting that their products are well, not toys. And if that isn't enough to convince any IT department I don't know what is!

[edit] RIM insiders have today also been calling for a switch to Windows Phone, in a Nokia-esque move, because and I quote BB10 is nothing more than an 'experiment' whereas Windows Phone already has a solid grounding of apps and really is a solid ecosystem already.

[edit 2] RIM has reiterated that it is still committed to consumer devices as well as enterprise, nothing too shocking there.

RIM accuses Apple of Nano-Sim rigging!!! 
Nano-SIM Card

   Just when we were thinking RIM had made enough headlines today, the company decided to chip and in perhaps rightfully accuse Apple of attempted rigging in the vote on the future of Sim cards. The following quote from Slashgear tells you all you need to know about the naughty-ness of the worlds most valuable company;

“Over the last few days we have observed a number of representatives from one company changing their affiliation over night” RIM wrote in the letter, submitted to the ETSI on Wednesday, “and registering to the meeting not representing their employer or any of their affiliates but representing a completely different company.” The company cites three Apple UK employees who have apparently registered as representatives of Bell Mobility, KT Corp. and SK Telekom, as well as a Vodafone D2 GmbH employee registered as Telekom Austria AG.

In other news:
  • Siri is set to land on a Macbook Pro near you this summer.
  • Feature phones and smart phones have an equal market share!!!
  • The rumour is the next Playstation won't have backwards compatibility and only 'new titles' will work on the new console!
  • Hot on the heels of Angry Birds Space, newly released Temple Run has reached a million downloads since it's release on Android in 3 days!
  • China reaches 1 billion mobile subscribers!
  • AT&T opens pre-orders for the stunning Nokia Lumia 900 in Cyan or Black for those of you on the other side of the pond.
  • Netflix buys the website, good name I must admit.
  • SEGA announces $86 million loss for the last year.
  • Google Drive comping soon with 5GB of complimentary storage?!


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