Wednesday 28 March 2012


Asus' surprise for Transformer Prime owners revealed!

   If you own your own version of that sparkly little Android powerhouse above, then firstly I'm jealous and secondly Asus will have an update for you in the near future. 

   Today, ladies and gentlemen Asus' Italian facebook page leaked all the juicy details which are good but not mindblowing. The company has promised that they will offer an update which will include support for Ethernet connections and also support for one of Android 4.0's main advertising features, Face Unlock.

   While neither feature is going to convince anyone who doesn't already own a Transformer Prime to buy one (well the Ethernet connection one might) it's good to see Asus isn't resting on it's laurels which is a hugely refreshing change in the world of Android tablets.

Apple is swimming against an even bigger 4g backlash tide now!
 Apple has advertised one of the biggest selling points of the new iPad as being it's 4G LTE connectivity and the problem is that vast swaths of the world (basically everywhere except America) lacks a compatible 4G network to run the shiny new iPad on. 

   Regulators in many countries have been feeling that Apple and more importantly carriers who are selling the iPad are misleading customers who believe they will be able to get 4G internet speeds on their expensive new toy and the regulators don't like that. So much so that yesterday we saw Australian regulators take the issue further and Apple was forced to email customers telling them that the 4G feature wasn't available on their device and a refund would be issued if the customer wanted to return their iPad. Today the UK and Sweden have also decided to take issue on the branding and Apple may well be forced to do the same thing in these countries which is undoubtedly quite a hassle for Apple.

   As more details of what is going to happen in the UK and Sweden emerge you guys will be the first to know!

Nokia plans 2 low-end Meego devices as part of it's 'next billion' plans.

   Meego.... Got rave reviews, ran on the N9 which got rave reviews and Nokia killed both off as soon as they could because fo their deal with Microsoft to use Windows Phone, what a chronic shame! But, Nokia has decided that Meego does have the potential to exist as a low-end platform. Which is interesting because Meego itself has now moved on further and has been taken on my Samsung and Intel and it's now called Tizen.

   One can only assume Nokia will use Meego as we know it on the N9 on these low-end devices because the software runs great on relatively low-specs, for exmaple the N9 runs on a single core Snapdragon processor clocked at 1Ghz and these chips are considered cheap these days, so Meego will live to fight another day through Nokia but only as low-end devices. Sorry, no N9 successor here guys.

In other news:
  • Apple plans to slim up their Macbook Pro this year and incorporate a quad-core processor.
  • Proview has pledged to take 'all legal measures' to campaign against Apple's ownership of the iPad trademark in China.
  • The Xbox, it was revealed today, is used more for streaming video than noob-tubing!!!! (in other words, more than half the time people spend on Xbox live is streaming video instead of playing games... not in this household!!!)
  • The EU has plans to lower data roaming rates in the near future, which is always a good thing!


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