Saturday 10 March 2012


Padfone gets priced in the UK!
ASUS Padfone
   Thinking of buying an Asus Padfone were we dear reader? I was too until I saw this.... The device (s?) has/have been priced up by a UK site at a whopping £699.99! (From Flagship Fones)
   That quite simply is insane and I definitely cannot see many of us swapping out our super phones from last year for that sort of money!

 [edit] Asus have a reply and maybe we don't need to be too concerned yet;

 “Flagship Fones is not an official ASUS reseller and has had no communication with us about the ASUS PadFone.”
“ASUS is yet to announce pricing and availability of the ground-breaking and shape-shifting PadFone – anything to the contrary is merely rumours and speculation. We will be announcing details with our carrier partners in due course, so keep an eye out for updates on the official ASUS website and social media pages for more information as and when it is available.”

Well that's slightly reassuring, but they need to hurry up and release this beast already!


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