Monday 2 April 2012


Verizon now offering first time Galaxy Nexus buyers a free incentive.

   You, yes you, you potential Samsung Galaxy Nexus buyer! If you live in the US of A then you my apprentice can own your very own Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and if you do choose to take the plunge in the near future you will be guaranteed the latest updates as soon as their out, a very solid phone with a wonderful display and..... a free extended battery worth about $40. It doesn't get much better than that does it!

   Ohhhh I forgot to say you have to buy it through Amazon, but you get the phone for $99 instead of the $300 Verizon asks for and then you get the free battery too! 

The new iPad's heat is nothing to worry about.

   Another Apple announcement, another problem? In recent years we've had antennagate and issues with Macs having slightly yellow screens, but the new iPad found fame with it's slightly warmer than normal feel.
   But, not to worry Consumer reports tested the iPad and managed to get it to a heat of 116 degrees farenheit while it was running graphically intensive games. The company has said that the issue is 'not a cause for concern', so if you're iPad's warm it's just a good heater as well as having an amazing screen.


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