Thursday 29 March 2012


Samsung actually adds something useful to the SGS2.

   Face-unlock, one of Google's brainchildren for Android 4.0 and it's a fun feature to use, something to show off in front of your friends. But, Samsung thinks it should actually be usable on a day to day basis and as such they've come up with a novel but clever way of making sure you don't have your friends unlocking your device with a picture of you.

   Samsung's solution was to add blink detection to the software so that if you don't blink, your phone doesn't unlock. Beautiful solution to a difficult problem, props to Samsung for kinda thinking outside of the box, Google may will be nicking that feature.

In other news:
  • Samsung releases the Galaxy S value pack to Koreans.
  • Photoshop CS6 gets over half a million beta downloads.
  • Is Apple eyeing 5" displays for an iPad Mini???
  • Barnes and Noble have announced a German are to their business, Nook tablets coming to Europe???
  • Got an iPhone 4? If you didn't get a free bumper, get your $15 now!
  • Dell kills its smartphone arm in the USA.
  • RBS set to bail out ailing games firm GAME in the UK.
  • Android 4.0.4 is hitting Xooms, Nexus S' and Galaxy Nexus' and it brings with it improved screen rotations and a number of other bug fixes.
[Edit} BIG RUMOUR!!!!

  1. PS4 rumoured to be coming pre-Christmas 2013 and is codenamed ORBIS!!!


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