Thursday 15 March 2012


BBC hit with a cyber attack... everyone looks at Iran.
   So what does the Government of a slightly insular and very secretive state do in it's free time?
The answer to that ladies and gentlemen is to hack news agencies that they don't want working in and around their boarders. This time it was the turn of BBC Persian, an arm of the BBC primarily concerned with Middle Eastern nations.

    The hack took down the BBC's satellite feeds into Iran as well as jamming their London based call centre with a huge number of telephone calls. Obviously, BBC director-general Mark Thompson has condemned the attacks and reiterated that the BBC 'will continue to conduct it's service for the people who need it' as well as taking all available precautions to guard against attacks such as these, but there's only so much a publicly funded body can do against a nation-state.

   An interesting aside that not too many people know is that the BBC does not base any journalists in Tehran at the moment anyway because of the grip the Government of Iran enforces on all news agencies, it therefore seems a bit of a pointless hack if the BBC is not even there inside the country.

In other news.

  • RIM confirms BB10 will be coming to the Playbook soon after it is announced, so that effectively guarantees another year of support for you lovely Playbook owners.
  • Nokia's design team spends a third of their time designing a Qualcomm powered tablet slated to arrive in the second half of the year.
  • Samsung, LG and Pantech are fined a collective total of $40million dollars by the Korean judiciary for their part in Korean price fixing!!!


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