Sunday 18 March 2012


Sony planning a Tablet S successor.
Sony V150 shows up on NenaMark sporting Tegra 3 GPU 
   Ohhhh, benchmarks are exciting aren't they! Well, alright maybe only for proper geeks, but they look to have outed a new Sony tablet which is sporting a Tegra 3 processor as well as a 1280x752 screen. 
   Given the price reductions taking place on the Tablet S everywhere at the moment it may very well be the case that this tablet will be in a store near you soon. As always when we hear some more you will be the first to know!

Nokia announces mobile hotspots are coming to a Windows Phone near you!
   Got one of Nokia's Microsoft powered babies then there is some potentially good news coming your way, because they have promised to update all Lumia phones with Mobile hotspot functionality. For some of you you will have been waiting for this feature and others of you really won't mind especially if you have a dictatorial carrier.
   But at least Nokia is releasing updates which compared to Android manufacturers makes a very pleasant change!
PS. If you live in the UK you have probably been bombarded by Nokia adverts this weekend and this is set to continue because Nokia has teamed up with Phones4U for a huge marketing blitz again so be prepared to watch through a lashing of lovely Lumia advertising for a few more days.

Operates backlash against 4G iPad branding.
   I, like many people live in a country that only has HSDPA networks at the very best (England if you're inquisitive) and we're still waiting for our operators to roll out our 4G LTE networks. And this is where the problem begins because regulators really, really don't like deception over here and the networks know how strict they are going to be about portraying this iPad as having 4G capabilities. 
    That is why the has been preemptive actions and complains, especially from Australia where Telstra and Optus have announced they are going to remove all 4G branding from the iPad so that customers aren't misled.
   For those of you lucky Europeans who do have 4G networks please also be careful because the iPad is not necessarily compatible with the 4G LTE bands that your operator has chosen.
   I think it's quite clear that operators face a bit of a headache with the new iPad because there's so many reasons why customers will be confused and disappointed that their 4G iPad isn't all it's cracked up to be.


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