Monday 5 March 2012


Some news from China
China Mobile iPhone
   So State owned operator China Mobile doesn't sell the iPhone but they're still the worlds biggest mobile provider with 655million subscribers! But an interesting stat popped out today which highlights just how popular Apple is in China.
   China Mobile has 10 million customers rocking Apple's iPhone's in their various forms, 10 million wholly unsubsidized Chinese citizens is really quite impressive. looks like Apple has a serious brand recognition in the East as well as the West!

Galaxy S2 seeing an update on the 15 of March in.... Israel?!?!
   So us Galaxy S2 owners are waiting patiently to be the first non-nexus phone owners to see some ICS action and apparently we will, well only if we live in Israel! Samsung's Facebook page for Israel came out and made an announcement which read as follows;
"We promised that we are working about that. You have waited patiently. And it's coming in March 15th: Android version 4, ICS, for tens of thousands of the Galaxy S2 owners that purchased it from the cellular company in Israel or directly from us. We are very excited in here towards the launch, hope that you too"
   So it's nearly ready so maybe the UK and Europe will see some ICS very soon, the USA we don't really know about because in reality Samsung has 4 different phones in the USA and will need to prepare a separate update for each of them... bad times!


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