Tuesday 27 March 2012


Courts reject Hasbro claim the Trasnformer tablets stole their copyright.

   Asus' Transformer Prime is one fine bit of kit but the company has faced a lawsuit from Hasbro, the people behind the toys from the Transformers movie. But, today a judge has thrown out their case, highlighting that people don't get confused between the two, the tablet itself does actually transform and the fact that Hasbro took a very long time before it decided to complain about the name. 
   It's always good to see some common sense being exercised with things like this and now everyone can peacefully co-exist knowing there is a clear divide between Transformers and Transformers..... Ohhh yeah awkward... maybe that's why they sued.

HTC set to temporarily end HTCSense.com.

   HTC has today warned it's faithful who have used HTCSense.com to back up messages and contacts have until March the 30th to download their information and store it elsewhere while HTC set to work rejuvenating the site with a lovely new design. 

   It is a tiny bit of an inconvenience, but HTC assures us it does need doing. Just make sure you don't forget because you will lose anything you leave stored on there.

In other news:
  • O2 makes good on the Galaxy S2 ICS update, now it's only Orange/T-Mobile devices and Unlocked devices waiting because Vodafone's update is rolling out as we speak and 3 pushed theirs out last week.
  • The Xbox 360 now has the ability to stream MLB.tv so Microsoft has got MLB, UFC and ESPN all covered.
  • The 'Smoked by Windows Phone' winner who hit the news yesterday has decided to sell his gains on eBay. The sums raised will go to a charity which will be decided over on Reddit.
  • Temple run comes to Android, get it from the Play store now!


   There are so many bargains to be had in the tech world right now; if you're in the UK check out Argos' website they have a huge sale on, but I have a few specific examples here;

  1. Dabs' Ebay site is having a huge one day blowout today, 45% off the Iconia tab A500 being just one example of the price drops. Check it here.
  2. Sony are offering their stunning Tablet S for £299 for the 16GB variety which is a very tempting prospect for those of us of the little green robot persuasion. Check it here.
I literally could list thousands more but get onto your nearest tech website, this is the companies quietest time of year so make the most of it!!!


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