Wednesday 21 March 2012


What has the UK always needed? 60ms latency reduction with Japan!

    The United Kingdom; home of her majesty the Queen, fish and chips and of course Big Ben. But, what do we really need I hear you asking. Well, apparently it would be beneficial to reduce the latency between Tokyo and London by 60ms from 230ms to 170ms.
The way this 'speed increase' is going to be achieved is by laying 3 fibre optic cables between the two countries at a cost of $1.5 billion. As the diagram above helpfully demonstrates the route will pass through the Canadian Northwest Passage and around the Russian and Scandinavian coastlines.
The apparent benefit of this reduction will the be the increased productivity of stock trading between the British and Japanese exchanges and well it takes us 350ms to blink so is this really worth the investment? 

Orange promise LTE rollout across Europe by 2015!
   The United States has always had a one up on Europe in at the very least one regard and it looks like it will continue to have the advantage of supercharged mobile phone connections for the foreseeable future, because today Orange has come out and announced they plan to have LTE running in all of the countries they operate in by 2015!

   The company also expects to ship 13million NFC enabled devices in the next two years as mobile payments become more commonplace. 

   The one thing we have to say is better late than never and for those people living in the UK Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) plan to deploy their 4G LTE using existing spectrum by the end of this year!

GAME over.
   The sorry news that had been expected for a couple of weeks came today; European game seller GAME (awkward name!) officially ceased trading on the London Stock Exchange today. Last month we caught wind that the company was in trouble, struggling to pay it's rent for the month. 

   The failure of GAME is perhaps not surprising given the rise of internet shopping in the UK specifically, I know very few people who actually physically walk into the stores to buy console games unless they are pre-owned or significantly discounted, for all our other needs there's Ebay, Amazon and Argos.

   The story is not over there though as the possibility of a buyout is on the cards now; Walmart, the owners of ASDA, are reportedly interested in the taking over the company. If they did, I for one would be chuffed, I've got so many GAME points left to use!!!

PS. There has also been another leak of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but I feel I have been covering that too much lately so here is the link if you must see yet another pretty render, seems pretty convinced it's the real thing but we'll see, check out Slashgear for the full story


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