Monday 19 March 2012


Galaxy S3 tipped to feature Quad-core processor by exec.

The rumours of today goes something like this; everyone wants to hear about the Galaxy S3 and what it will contain and an over-excited Samsung exec spills it all. Well he supposedly told is the processor which will power the Galaxy S3 is  the Exynos 4412, which is based on four A9 cores. Each with frequencies between 200MHz to 1.5GHz. All of this is set to come along with with four ARM Mali graphics cores, a dual-channel memory controller and a 64-bit Neon media engine.  All of this makes the powerful enough to support a phone with a 1080p 3D display.
    Enough with the tech specs already give us a new phone to drool over Samsung!

Apple's new iPad is hot property... in all regards.
   This is a tale of two halves dear reader. 
    The first half being that the new iPad has had a sensational debut onto the tablet computing arena. Apple have claimed they have had a 'record weekend' of iPad sales and AT&T had a similarly successful time with last Friday aka launch day 'seeing record sales and activations' for the company. The second announcement from AT&T is in itself quite interesting because the company does not stock the Wifi only iPad and this suggests they have seen some real demand for a 4G iPad.
   And secondly, those lucky readers who already have their grubby paws on the new iPad have been reporting that the lower-lefthand corner of the iPad's back becomes 'uncomfortably hot' to hold during usage. Although, there seems to be varying reports as to what causes this heat; some have claimed it is during graphic intensive processes, which makes complete sense with the new quad-core graphics chip. But, others report it getting unbearably hot during normal usage, so perhaps it is just luck of the draw. 
    Apple as always have declined to comment on the matter yet, but I have a feeling they may just tell you to 'hold it another way' (that joke never gets old).

   And below I've attached a drop test between the new iPad and the iPad 2, just for kicks. 


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