Friday 16 March 2012


Rapidshare must filter user uploads.

   Rapidshare has been ordered by the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg to pro-actively monitor user uploads in a bid to prevent the sharing of copyrighted material. This has to be seen as a part of the bigger crack down on file sharing which has struck MegaUpload and prompted sites such as fileshare to prevent people downloading everything except files they themselves have uploaded.

   At the moment it is unclear whether Rapidshare plans to appeal the verdict handed down today or whether it plans to simply carry on as usual with a slightly revised file analysing policy because there have been issues before with analysing files being a violation of user privacy, so this tale is far from being told in full.

    Rapidshare in it's defense has tried to implement measures to deter illegal downloaders such as it's painfully slow 30kbps download speed for unregistered users, so we will see how this story unfolds.

New iPad jailbroken on first day!
   Ok so the last iPad literally only got broken with in the last 2 months but this time ladies and gentlemen the hackers have eben to work in superfast time! The 'resolutionary' (It's a painfully bad pun by Apple isn't it?!) new iPad was jailbroken the very day it launched.

   If you received your shiny new iPad today you have the hacker Musclenerd to thank in advance for his work, but he does state that there is no ETA on when this jailbreak will be non-tethered or released to the public and please respect his wish for no ETA's it is extremely frustrating for developers because they work their socks off to get it ready for us. But, there is a jailbreak and it is coming to the new iPad!

In other news!

  • Google has apparently finalized the plans for it's forthcoming Nexus tablet, but and it's a big but, it will not feature a quad-core processor anymore! Instead, Google has opted to keep the pricepoint down to between $149-$199 and has opted for a Dual-core processor instead. However, we must take all of this with a pinch of salt because nothing has been confirmed yet!
  • RIM stock jumped 5% again this morning after rumours of a buyout by Samsung were rekindled this morning. Call me nutty but if rumours like this keep surfacing there must be something more to this than the two companies are letting on!
  • Windows Phone Tango leaked out today and was instantly ported to the hackers old favourite device the HTC HD2. The rel;eased date is still slated for March 21st in China so the day for Windows Phone 7.5 is soon!
  • Cisco and other internet companies have refused to help Pakistan in their web filtering programme!



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