Saturday 24 March 2012

Big 2 day overview.

The 2 day overview!

   As I promised yesterday here is a nice big overview of erm, not very very much as luck would have it. I'll literally cover all of the juicy tech news from yesterday and today and then I'll get that review finished for you!

Nvidia plan computer-level graphics for future superphones.
   That little bit of technological wizardy above is a Kepler GPU created by the lovely bunch over at Nvidia . Their plan for the graphics kit above is to one day be able to cram it inside of your future smartphone. The reason they can actually make this possible is because Kepler technology is and I quote 'super energy efficient' and Nvidia plans to distribute the chips literally everywhere from servers to ultrabooks to smartphones and I also assume everywhere in between.

Windows Phone Marketplace exceeds 70,000 apps.
Windows Phone 
   Those of you Windows Phone faithful out there probably will not even care one tiny bit about the announcement yesterday that the Marketplace now has over 70,000 apps in it, purely because you love WP7.
   But there's some people out there that only care about apps and for them people who attack Windows Phone for not having enough well Microsoft has a retort now and they have added 10,000 apps in the last 3 months because the company announced that there was 60,000 apps in January.  
   Apps really are over-rated there's only so many you can usefully erm use on your phone and I have less than 10 that I frequently use, tell me if there's more than that for you! Or do you think we should focus more on the number of games in the store as opposed to all apps in general.

RIM promises new prototype developer device in May.
   In a move to court developers (there seems to be a theme today), RIM has announced that at their annual Black World Conference in May they will give away as many as 2,000 prototype devices in an effort to lure  developers to their fledgling QNX system which will becoming towards the end of the year.

Rovio literally aim for space with their new Angry Birds release.
   And returning to apps again, one of, if not the biggest mobile game franchise in the world released Angry Birds Space on the 23rd of March onto the Android and iOS mobile platforms and announced they will be working on a Windows Phone version in the future too. 
    Rovio has decided a suitable method of promoting the new game was to team up with T-Mobile and put a giant Angry Bird and Slingshot aimed towards the sky on the Seattle Space Needle and as far as marketing goes, they've done a great job because I'm covering the story.


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