Friday 9 March 2012


Microsoft preparing to scrap the Windows Mobile martketplace.
   The time is coming near guys and girls, when Micrsoft will cease support for Windows Mobiles (NOT Windows Phones) effectively bring an end to the usefulness of the phones. It's not entirely surprising because Microsoft wants people to buy new Windows Phones and I must say apart from a couple of people i know still rocking the HD2 (Usually with Android on it) hardly anyone still uses these devices.
   But, it maybe would have been nice of them to keep the store up for a bit longer and just reject new application submissions because this will undoubtedly annoy some users.
   The date for the Windows Mobile apocalypse is set for the 9th of May this year, so if there's any apps you need you have 2 months to the day to make sure you've got them, ohhh and don't reset your phone after that date because you won't be able to download the apps again, sorry  lots of love from Microsoft. 
PS. Windows Phone 7 devices are selling cheap at the moment (£240 for the HTC Radar on so maybe that will help you out if you have an undying love for the underdogs in the phone world.

BBC has plans for a content store?

   This is an interesting story; the rumour goes that the Beeb is planning on creating a content store primarily to sell it's huge back-catalogue of tv shows and other niceties for a princely sum of £1.89 per show.
   The BBC would plan to give 40p of that £1.89 to the producer of the show in an attempt to convince them to commit to this idea. The main focus of this idea is older content because much of the BBC's recent work is available on iPlayer at the moment anyway.
   That means if you missed episodes from a month or so ago, the BBC might want to charge you for the privilege of catching up because of the reduced demand on the show and the cost of keeping it served. The plans might not be so grand, this is only a rumour, but it's one to keep our eyes and ears out for.


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