Thursday 8 March 2012


Samsung to strike back at iPad?!
   I don't usually like rumours unless they're interesting, and this one certainly is!
   Word on the web is that a mere two days after the iPad was announced Samsung will strike back with an 11.6" tablet with an iPad besting resolution. 
   The date to see if this will come true is tomorrow the 9th of March and potential venue is South by South West aka SXSW in Texas. There are a lot of reasons why this probably won't happen but we can most certainly dream!

Windows Phone Tango gets detailed.
   Microsoft have today offered more details on the upcoming 'budget' version of windows phone more commonly known as Tango. And that is really where the good news ends.
   Lets start of some of the bad; firstly devices will likely come with 256mb of RAM and Microsoft has come straight out and admitted that some apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace will NOT run on these Tango devices. Also, things like SkyDrive and some HD video codecs will automatically be disabled.
   This announcement really does seem to go against everything Microsoft wanted when they introduced WP7 and it's accompanying minimum spec requirements a two October's ago, the only justification is that Microsoft might gain some more traction in emerging markets with the Microsoft brand and Nokia hardware working in tandem but fingers crossed they know what they're doing with this one, noone wants low end Android performance anymore.

HTC One X rooted!

   HTC's newest flagship has not even reached the shops yet and already the dedicated folks over at Modaco have already rooted the device!
   They've done an amazing job, not only have they rooted it but they have created a lovely little program called Superboot which will complete the whole process for you in one step! Yep, no ADB commands or and technical trickery just one program which will work on Mac, Windows and Linux. Seriously, what could be better?!


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