Saturday 19 May 2012

Will there be an all in one device?

   So if you're a proper techie you probably have at least three of the following; a MP3 player, a GPS, a digital camera, a mobile, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop or a home server.

   But, how many of these do you actually need? I was thinking about this because on the train this weekend I saw tablets, lots of tablets, well more specifically lots of iPad's. You know them business types with their iPad's who obviously aren't working, but are playing Temple Run, while speaking to their boss on the phone. I felt a bit out of place with my Tablet S, but I did see the guy opposite puzzling over my device because he didn't know what it was.

   I listened to music through my tablet, as did the guy opposite. One guy, to my left, was watching a film on his tablet and there was a few people listening to music through their phones, mainly iPhones. So I got thinking, are MP3 players dead? I didn't see a single soul with an iPod touch or a Sony Walkman, it was just phones, tablets and one guy with his laptop for the long journey.

   I can see the draw of Tablets for the journey; you can game, watch a movie, listen to music or browse the internet whilst on the train (you could also work too!), so whatever you need to do the tablets have got you covered, but you can't really properly work and word process on them and you also need to have your phone sitting next to you. I felt a bit silly because I had my tablet, phone and a magazine sitting on a limited space in front of me, yes I was using all three at once (texting, music and reading). Then I was thinking 'why can't I do all of this from one device?'.

   There must be a way to incorporate text messaging into a tablet so that while I'm sitting down I can leave my phone in my pocket and the messages come through on my tablet instead. There might be a way to do this already because I know Pre's and Touchpad's can do this already, but I'm an Android guy!

   I just think it would be good for Android to incorporate this sort of cross-device support. It's just useful and if WebOS saw this ages ago there's no reason why the world's most popular mobile OS can't do this! So come on Google whip out tablet-to-phone support, even if you don't make a Galaxy Note-esque Phablet!!!! I just want to be able to do everything from one device at one time so we don't have to look like a silly show-off! This is the best we can hope for at the moment I think, connected devices are great!

   One day I think there will be an all-in-one device, but that's the future and that's something I covered here, it will happen, one day!


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