Monday 21 May 2012


HTC planning a Tizen powered device for 2012.

   Since the departure of Nokia from their ex-partner Intel, their love child, Meego, was expected to be somewhat neglected. But, it wasn't long before Samsung, amongst many others, picked up the buck and started building Tizen. 

   The news here is that HTC will be releasing a phone at some point in 2012 running the software. This is great news for the platform, especially if the rumours that Asus and Acer will be creating phones running this software too before the end of the year pan out. It's become apparent that the platform has been gaining a lot of support from elsewhere too, with the Tizen Association board members now featuring NTT docomo, Orange, Vodafone, SK Telecom, NEC, Panasonic and Telefonica, amongst others. 

   It looks like Windows Phone may very well have a serious challenger for Third spot in the mobile world if the companies follow through on their word!

In other news:

  • Apple has once again filed for a ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in America, so much for sitting down and talking it out eyyy Apple?
  • Foxconn has announced they're spending $210million on a new production line for Apple products.
  • Microsoft has unleashed an updated SDK for Kinect on Windows, it's now version 1.5 of the SDK.
  • Facebook shares are already down to $33.60 per share, it's harsh to call this bad news, but the Facebook bubble hasn't been quite as huge as expected.
  • HTC has been able to trickle some of their devices out today after they were halted by US customs for infringing on dialer patents. The issues have since been addressed but the hold up is because every device has to be checked to prove it's bee updated, which as you can imagine is quite a slow process.
  • Samsung's S-voice apk has recently been leaked by XDA developers but Samsung and Vlingo have teamed up to stop you using it unless you really are rocking a Galaxy S3, sorry guys.
  • Google Chrome is once again the world's most popular browser and this time it'll probably stick!
  • And finally Happy 7th birthday Youtube! You have revolutionised our online experience!


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