Thursday 24 May 2012


Sony Xperia Play's ICS update in doubt?

   You see that image above, that's the list of Sony's 2011 phone range which are getting ICS. Despite the companies pledge to update all 2011 phones to Android 4.0 the Play is conspicuously missing.

   Now we do already know that Sony has invested hours of work into updating the device because they've already released an official beta to developers. But, those of us who have used it have seen how buggy and the huge list of compatibility issues that we were faced with.

   Therefore we can still have hope that Sony will update the phone as per their promise and this may be a simple editing overlook, but there's no guarantee unfortunately.

In other news:

  • Pandora has today boasted that they have 52 million active users.
  • Sony's PSN has undergone maintenance again today.
  • HP's most recent earnings call announced 27,000 jobs cuts, there's a lot of pain in the tech world at the moment.
  • NVIDIA hits AT&T 4G LTE with Icera 410.
  • Again it's being rumoured Google will unveil a 7" tablet in June.
   Also, there is a huge game sale on or both iOS and Android at the moment so check your app store!!!!


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