Wednesday 9 May 2012


Flipboard for Android gently lifted from a Galaxy S3!

   The Samsung Galaxy S3 was meant to9 have one unique app all to itself when it launched. That app was meant to be the iOS smash hit, Flipboard. Unfortunately for Samsung some enterprising tech guy has managed to neatly nick the APK file from a Galaxy S3 and has uploaded it to XDA developers.

   The file has already been download 75,000 times so hot news travels fast in the tech world. If you need your copy of the file click here  and install the file in the normal way for apps from 'unknown sources'.
EA reassures doubters that there is still a future in Console gaming.

   Apparently there are those amongst us who have predicted the end of console gaming. I must say I'm not in that camp at all but for those of you who worry you won't ever see a Xbox 720 or PS4, EA Games is here to reassure you. 

   Today at CTIA they have compared the amount of time you spend on console versus mobile gaming and the results in the picture are above. Most people spend 45 minutes on console for every 15 they spend on their mobile gaming. Riccitiello expanded to say “YouTube didn’t destroy television and mobile gaming will not kill the console” .

   I personally can't see console ever losing to mobile but that might just be because I don't like playing games on diddy little screens. But, rest easy dear reader we have a few more years of consoles left in us!

In other news:

  • Rovio, the makers of the wildly popular Angry Birds games are announcing they have hit 1 billion downloads!!!
  • The HTC Evo LTE 4G is landing on May 18th for $199.99 with a two-year contract.
  • The wireless charging kit Samsung demoed at the launch of the Galaxy S3 won't be available until September the company announced today. We can therefore expect a frantic scramble for 3rd party options so don't be too disheartened.


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