Wednesday 23 May 2012

Breaking news!

Google wins the patent trial against Oracle!!

   The news this evening is that when Android developers chose to copy and paste Java code they have done so without violating any patents!

   This decision means that Google only have to compensate Oracle a negligible amount of money, a bit of a turnaround from Oracle's demands for $2.6 billion!!!

   Official lines explain how the jury did find that Android infringed Oracle copyrights by its use of the the structure, sequence, and organization of 37 Java APIs. But the jury was unable to reach a comprehensive verdict on whether it was covered under fair usage terms, making the verdict undecided at the moment. The jury did find that Google had infringed on one other copyright count , the use of nine lines of 'range Check' code, although the Judge later decided that Google had also infringed by its use of eight Java test files in Android, which added a second minor infringement count to Google's scorecard.

   All in all it seems Google has got off of a very, very large hook here. Their fines are expected to be well under $1million, but we can expect a retrial, this isn't quite the end of it yet.




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